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But Diamonds Are Indestructible

Occasionally people who are looking to sell us their diamond and have an appraisal or diamond lab report want to know why we insist on inspecting their diamond before we make a firm offer to purchase.

One reason is, diamonds are not indestructible. Yes, they are the hardest natural material on the planet but they do break.

Here is a photo of a princess cut diamond that someone sent in, looking to sell for top dollar.

Photo chipped princess cut diamond.

Ouch... that has got to hurt!

Normally a diamond will last many lifetimes. However if hit just right they can be chipped, scratched or even split in half. Princess cut diamonds, just like the one above, have very fragile corners and are easily damaged. We see more damaged princess cut diamonds than any other shape.

When a diamond has been damaged, the value is greatly affected. A damaged diamond must be re-cut before it can be sold. The amount we offer for a damaged diamond depends on the estimated weight of the diamond AFTER it has been re-cut.

options for selling your diamond

Selling to Diamonds2cash is completed in two easy steps.

1) Obtain a blind estimate using our diamond price quote based on your existing diamond certificate/report.

2) Have a firm cash offer presented to you after inspection by an independent gemological lab.

We then send you payment by certified bank draft, or direct bank wire.

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