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Your Engagement Ring After Divorce

There are currently 2.2 million marriages in the USA every year. Of those it is estimated that about 80% of the brides-to-be receive a diamond engagement ring. That is about 1.8 million diamond rings every year and a lot of diamonds!

Unfortunately, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that 48.6% of marriages are ending up in divorce. The ex-wife generally ends up with the diamond ring, she also ends up harbouring the negative feelings associated with the divorce and the diamond ring no longer brings the joy it once did.

People end up putting the diamond ring in the safety deposit box, jewelry box, or sock drawer - but it does no good there. You are not using it, you can't spend it and the rings don't pay interest.

You may want your local jeweler to remake your ring into something else, perhaps a pendant or a new style of ring. That solution works for some, but not others.

When you want to sell the diamond, how much can you get for it? Before you sell your diamond ring at the local pawn shop, read our article on understanding jewelry appraisals which attempts to explain the various numbers that may be floating around about how much your diamond ring is worth.

Although the demand for used engagement rings is very low, Diamonds 2 Cash will purchase most engagement rings regardless of shape or condition. To find out how much your diamond is worth use our diamond price quote to find how much we can pay for your used engagement ring.

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