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frequent questions

Why so big?

We have always had a minimum size requirement for diamonds purchased over the Internet. The primary diamond must be 0.75ct or larger for us to consider buying via the Internet.

Obviously there are a lot of people who have diamonds that are smaller in size, and still want to sell their diamond. We get several calls and emails daily from people who have smaller diamonds that they want to sell.

Why do we have this silly size requirement?

When purchasing diamonds over the Internet there are shipping costs, insurance, inspection by third party diamond labs, banking fees, escrow fees & diamond reports that need to be issued. All these fees add up quite quickly, making the amount we can offer for smaller sized diamonds simply too low.

Rather than insulting our potential customer with some ridiculous offer we simply elect to pass on making any offer for the diamond.

Smaller sized diamonds are normally purchased in parcels, a parcel could be a few stones up to several million dollars worth. When a diamond buyer deals in quantity the costs mentioned above are distributed over the entire parcel of diamonds, making the purchase worthwhile. Major diamond buyers do not purchase small diamonds individually, as it is not financially viable.

options for selling your diamond

Selling to Diamonds2cash is completed in two easy steps.

1) Obtain a blind estimate using our diamond price quote based on your existing diamond certificate/report.

2) Have a firm cash offer presented to you after inspection by an independent gemological lab.

We then send you payment by certified bank draft, or direct bank wire.

100% secure, and 100% guaranteed.