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Diamond labs are not always equal

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was founded in 1931, developing the famous four C's of diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight). These four C's have been adopted around the word to set a standard by which people buy and sell diamonds.

There are instances where opinions vary between labs or individuals. The following is an example of why we have a GIA Graduate Gemologist verify the grading of every diamond before it is purchased.

In April 2002 this amazing 4.10ct diamond was issued a report from European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). The 4C's are:

Cut: Very Good
Color: D
Clarity: IF
Carat: 4.10

A fantastic diamond based on the report, with a value (based on GIA grading standards) of about $362,440 - which is a lot of money!

In July 2010 this exact same diamond was sent to the GIA, the authority in diamond grading in the USA. The results of the grade are very different:

Cut: Excellent
Color: J
Clarity: VS1
Carat: 4.10

The value of the diamond drops to $72,160, resulting in a price difference of $290,280. Had the buyer not verified the grade; purchasing based on the existing EGL report they would have lost more than $290,000.

This is an extreme case of variation in the grading of a diamond, but does demonstrate the importance of having your diamond purchase inspected by a qualified gemologist prior to purchase. A fine example of why we inspect all diamonds prior to purchase.

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